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WooLWorths LimiteD

1. In which year did Woolworths first began? Woolworths first began in the year 1924

2.What happened to Woolworths in the 1990s? In the 90’s Woolworth’s came across a Share Float.

3.How many outlets does Woolworths have in the 2000’s and how many customers does it serve? Woolworths has 22 action stores all over Australia in the 2000’s

4.How does Woolworths market itself to the consumers in Australia? By using Advertisement and other promoting techniques.

5.Discuss how Woolworths is committed in its social responsibility to its CUSTOMERS,STAFF, ENVIRONMENT and Community. Woolworths is very keen to a do business they respects their customers and treat them fairly.

6.List Woolworths five brand names.

7.List Woolworths 10 in-store services.

8.Why do you think Woolworths operates its Caltex Woolworth Fuel Offer? So many people who are enraged with fuel prices with adore woolworths and visit them more often.

9.Is Woolworths a public or private company? State your reasons. It is a public company because it is run by a partnership and there are outlets all over the world.

10.How does Woolworths fund its operations. They fund its operations with the incoming profits they receive.

11.If 10 shareholders decide to leave Woolworths, does the business stop operating? Why? No it does not because woolworths is an extremely large business and 10 shareholders wouldn’t really make much of a difference.

12.If Westmead newsagency which is a sole trader dies unexpectedly, can the business continue operating? Why? No it cannot because a sole trader only consists of one person, and there will be no-one to help if he dies..



1. Describe TWO things that you have learnt during this lesson. This lesson we were told about our synopsis. We had a look at our scaffold which was on PmOnline. Each member has a divided part to research about our topic stem cells. We will complete our draft and put it togther next lesson.

2. Identify TWO areas you want to concentrate on during this project that you think need a greater improvement from the last project. 2 Main issues i want to improve on this project are time management and Looking more oftenly at the task rubric. This is because sometimes i do work in the week the project is due and this makes me rush and not do my best. I want to look more oftenly at the rubric because i am aiming for a A grade and i want to know exactly in depth what is needed for an A.

3. Discuss TWO ways in which your group could resolve any disputes during this process. Up to now our group haven’t had any disputes yet. But in the future to prevent disputes all the work should be distributed evenly and fairly, and there should be constant conversation.

Reflective Journal 1

1. Describe TWO things that you have learnt during this lesson. This lesson i learnt what is refraction. We also referred to our need to knwo list and covered up some needing to know definitions. We conducted a practical which gave us a good examples of refraction. It was the ‘Lenses and a light box practical’ which we also have to write up in our books.

2. Outline THREE things you know about optical technologies. Three things i know about optical technologies are:

– There are many optical instruments in use. A few examples of optical instruments include, a periscope, telescope, microscope and there are many more.

–  Optical technologies have the power to refract and reflect light.

–  Optical technologies are related to light.

3. Identify ONE aspect of the project you feel uncomfortable about and really need to know. Explain the BEST way this could be resolved.

I think we will learn this later through the topic but, one day i was flicking forward through my science textbook and i saw a page relating to light and angles and i was very confused anf had no idea what it was about.